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be mine again

I'll be honest. Yet again, I am at a loss for fantastic gift ideas for my man.

For eight of the nine years of our relationship, st. valentine's day has meant very little to us. Until last year, when G picked valentine's day to propose marriage to me (part of me can't believe that in under one year we got engaged and married - although if I could go back and do it all over, I think I would have done it in three months. oh if...). Although it still strikes me as a little odd that my unconventional husband picked such a predictable holiday on which to propose, his reasoning is sound -- if we already have to feel vaguely uneasy about celebrating/not-celebrating st. valentine's, now we have a real reason to celebrate. Except that we are not the kind of couple that elbows other couples to show we love each other in fancy restaurants, and have you noticed how freakin' expensive flowers and chocolates and vacation spots become on valentine's day, this year conveniently falling on a US holiday three day weekend? And have you noticed that on oh so many places of gift ideas, the majority of the ideas are for women and children? What's a girl with a difficult husband to do?

Anyway, for this holiday of predictable and often forced romance, I offer you gift ideas that won't work for my man, but maybe they'll work for yours. the hunt is on.

{copper spine ring by verameat}
I already bought him the only ring he'll ever agree to wear-the wedding ring

{you have my heart hankie & morse code hankie by sewmoni}
a bike mechanic with a white heart hanky, I can see it now... (although I just love the word hankie and this would be a lovely gift for me)

{love pillow by LuLu DK at Fine Linens}
if there is one thing that G can't stand it's too many pillows so I'm just positive that he'd love these fantastically cute albeit overpriced "love" pillows

{chair personality socks available at charles and marie}
again, these are for me. how much do you love the argyle?

so yeah, why not awesome socks? well, his shop deals smartwool and we are both lucky enough to have a plethora of comfy wools socks in the drawers.

{fridge magnet bottle opener from}
maybe... but does this say I love you, or does it say I am happy to enable your drinking habit?

{scandiphone from}
actually, he already has a rotary phone, but the standard kind. he's also holding out until life forces him into a cell phone.

{personalized & hand carved cribbage board by SpiritLake on etsy}
we do love to play cribbage...

{numchuck pillow for ninja pillow fight by sushibooties on etsy}
and then, can I have these???
{also from sushibooties}

and what he really wants but "we" can't afford.
{the saddleback leather briefcase has a 100 year warranty and converts into a backpack.}
G says, "dudes love leather sh*t. it makes them feel tough when they obviously aren't." If you can afford it, your man wants one too.


  1. I'm with you on the a-little-queasy-about, but now-have-to-celebrate attitude towards Valentine's Day... our first date was (accidentally, he says, it was midweek) on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. Since we ended up married, it does seem rather momentous.

  2. omg... your picks are priceless!!! I love the love pillows... the chairs w socks... that awesome phone... i can't decide..., but the men really do usually get crap on v-day!


  3. those are some rad finds my dear!

    we are kinda the same when it comes to Valentine's Day. SO...we have decided to always eat at a Denny's classic diner this year (we were introduced over 2am pancakes at a classic Denny's in Rhode Island five years ago!) It's low key...and yet...wildly romantical for us...and pretty much only us :-)

    I like getting him tickets to do fun stuff - like NBA tickets, or baseball...ummmm...last year I took him to Broadway's, The Lion King. ...and there you have 2 cents.

  4. A.M.B. - I love that you go to Denny's. They completely relocated the bar that G and I met in, and I'm not sure that I'd want to go there anyways. hmm...


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