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little boxes

G and I don't have cable which is good. But, it leaves us a little behind on the few awesome series that we actually do want to watch. We just started watching the Showtime series Weeds about two weeks ago and we're horribly addicted! The good and bad thing about watching series after they are release to dvd is that you can let them suck you in for hours at a time, watching show after show after show until your eyes are so tired and you know your'e beyond your bed time and you get up all cranky-pants in the morning with this damned song stuck in your head. Because it's so damned catchy. You meaning me and G. But it could be you.

Everyone seems to love that as of season two, Weeds started using different artists to sing the opening theme song Little Boxes. But even when they are a good cover, they are not as good as Malvina Reynolds original. There is just something about her crackly voice that gets me.

What am I doing this weekend? Probably finishing season three with my man. The other bonus about watching Weeds instead of say Mad Men (which is also divine and I can't wait until I can digest Season 3 in a weekend) where everyone is constantly drinking, is that for our dry January, Weeds doesn't make me want to drink. G and I can officially start drinking again on Tuesday (which is February 2nd, but we drank on our second xmas at my mum's on January 2nd. The rules are one month. Why we had to pick a month with 31 days instead of 28, well... anyway.