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gift giving

I may be dysfunctional. I was bad at planning a wedding for two reasons: 1) I am quintessentially indecisive (I'm working on it) and 2) I want everyone else to be pleased.
After the wedding, I vowed to be more decisive because I epiphanically recognized the correlation between decisiveness and confidence (I don't know how it hadn't occurred to me before). But here I am attempting to buy xmas presents and I'm back to my old indecisiveness - doubly so because some of those thoughtful people that came to my wedding... I still want them to be pleased.

I still can't choose wedding photos. I need one to give to my grandma for xmas. She couldn't make the trip.

{no image - too indecisive.}


  1. oh gosh, i hear you. we got married in august and still haven't picked out our three prints. how lame is that?!

    as for christmas presents, thank god for the timeline or i'd never get it done!


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