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it's done!

the dress.
is done.
and I have two days left.
two days until the wedding.
two days left to stare at it, questioning it, analyzing it.
that is,
unless I put the garment bag over the dress so that I can't see it anymore.
but I just don't want to do that yet.
I want to look at my work and admire it just a little more, because once I slip it on, on this lovely Sunday, I won't be able to see the back that I worked so hard on. but let me tell you, all those luscious layers of silk feel very nice rustling around me. And even though I got distracted and didn't work out like I wanted to or felt like I should, I lost four pounds and the dress feels absolutely fantastic. lovely and amazing fantastic.
nine hours of pintucking.
and at least 24 hours of hand stitching layers and layers of silk chiffon.
and countless hours of contemplating and sorting in my head.
and it's done.
it's done it's done it's done!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished dress!! It sounds absolutely to die for, Sera.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are going to have a wonderful wonderful complicated huge time this weekend. Stay in the moment as much as you can, no matter what. That's the best I've got.


  3. That is so cool! The dress sounds beautiful in both appearance and feel! Enjoy wearing it!

  4. hooray!!! i'm dying, i can't wait to see how beautiful you look in it!

  5. happy wedding day!
    i love your blog and i'm excited to see how everything turned out! :)

  6. Annnnddddd.... when your back from bliss, will you drop me an email?

    I know you are having a fantstic time right now, I rembember the first days after like I'm still living them....

  7. I cannot cannot cannot wait to hear all about your days my dear. Miss you too!

  8. how exciting! can't wait to see it. and all the best!!!

  9. I h ope your wedding was a dream! I am quite certain it was! Cheers to you, can't wait to see the pics! Who did you end up going with?


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