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I wish I knew how to do the ruffle action on that dress, and knew how ages ago before I started my dress. But.. tick tock. I spent the weekend (thursday night through monday including the seven plus hour drive each way) in Penticton, Canada for IronMan Canada. Now my man can count having done an IronMan among his many accomplishments. And while I'm proud of him, I am much happier that the deed is done and we can spend the next two weeks focused on the wedding. 12 days to go!!! and my absense left me with no ability to do wedding things. I wasn't even sure I'd have internet access so I couldn't even be productive in email.

However, today I met with one of the coordinators at my venue to go over some details on my lunch break. check.
AV equipment including speakers, a mixer and a mic to use with our ipod/laptop playlist secured - check.
I added on non-alcoholic beverages so that I don't have to deal with that too - check.
We talked flowers and colors and she reassured me.
And she told me she has an exciting surprise to tell me and that I'll love it, but she hasn't "gotten it" yet. If it has nothing to do with the actual wedding planning process, then??? what could it be???

{the lovely ruffles above from apartment34}


  1. 1. That dress is hot!
    2. I am super jealous of your surprise.
    3. Whoop to the ticking off items on the list!!
    3. It's so soon!!!

  2. Congrats to your mister! That is so cool.

    And good luck in the last minute whirlwind!


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