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orange serah

I have been so overwhelmed with wedding prep (25 days left) that I have not been blogging, reading my favorite blogs or even, well finishing everything. I have so many things left to do, including finishing my dress. I spent 18 hours on it this last weekend and now I need a dress form, or at least my MOH to hold still in my gown as I attack it with pins. But, my girls are whisking me away to a Mount Baker cabin in the woods to, well, bachelorette it up. I forsee wine, mojitos and pie in my near future.
Recommend any cheesy movies for when we're loaded and just want to watch tv?

Elizabeth Dye made this gorgeous orange dress for Serah. Hmm, do I sense a trend here? and if only I could just have her whip up that shrug I kept thinking of... but.


  1. We watched '17 again' last night. It was suprisingly adorable.

    Can't wait to see your wedding!


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