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the list again

It's all piling up. I'm exhausted. I thought that once that big project at work was over that I would be golden. But that's never how it works is it. I am so bogged down that I can't even check my reader, that I can't even blog! I sent out the invitations and felt that big sigh of relief but, I haven't finished the registry, I haven't loaded it into our wedding website, and I haven't finished the dress, and I don't have shoes, and, and, and...

So if my posts have been sporadic or even non-existent it's just because I'm feeling the hairline fractures under the pressure of more than just the wedding. And once I solve that major problem that I can't disclose here, I'll tell you all about it. In the meantime, I'm just trying to breathe. And if only I could find something magical like meg's third dress, if only I was a little more organized and motivated, if only I was something I am not, perhaps I could get this all done in advance - you know, before the wedding day.

And if anyone has any real advise on who and where to get someone to do my makeup besides the mac counter I would be ever so appreciative. Some of you know I have problem skin, and though I have toyed with the idea of buying DiorShow mascara and pretending like I'm a pro and doing my own makeup. While that may still happen, I would love it if I actually looked, oh, not flawless exactly, but naturally beautiful, which is something I don't exactly have right now.


  1. How about finding a Mary Kay rep in your area to do your wedding party's make-up?

  2. I am your sister in problem skin, Sera -- I wish I had a makeup recommendation in your area! I will say that I was totally happy I'd gotten someone else to do my makeup (see: problem skin, and skimpy eyelashes), but then again I usually wear a bit of powder and lipgloss and that's it. The rest of it mystifies me and I was more than happy to leave it to someone else.

    And I completely know how you feel about all of the damn details piling up. The reason you're exhausted is that it's freaking exhausting. But you will get it all done. And the stuff you don't get done, won't get done for the very good reason that it doesn't really matter that much. So hang in there!! (And if you have ideas for what you'd like in a shoe, post 'em here and I'll Zappos search the heck out of it for you.)

  3. hang in there, girl...i myself have had to call in "sick" to work 2 or 3 times now just to have a day not only to take care of wedding things, but life things. and i got sick, got a cold sore, and am breaking out from not sleeping enough. and the wedding is 3 weeks away. sigh.

    on the makeup front, i think the best thing to invest in would be a good makeup/face primer. makeup forever makes a great one, and i like shiseido's as well. keeps the face looking way smooth and bright, not to mention it really makes foundation last long.

    good luck. and if you need help, totally reach out to your fellow bloggers! the lot of us probably have endless resources for you to pull from. :)

  4. oh sister, i hear you! i am so tired of being stressed and tired! and fully realizing why, in the past (present?), ladies took six months off to plan their weddings.

    other than empathy, do i have anything concrete to add? i've recently become a HUGE fan of smashbox photofinish (with color corrector) - evens skin tone, controls oil, shrinks pores! how did i not know about this ages ago???

  5. Oh gosh, reading this post is like reading one of my own. How much longer do you have until the big day? My guy and I have 16 days left and I also have no idea where to get hair and makeup done, and I have problem skin too.

    It's a day where you want to feel your best, you know? You just hope that you can find a place that can create a beautiful glowing look on your skin that stays on all night flawlessly.

    By the way, my skin is bad enough at one point I was on accutane. It starting being a problem again so a few weeks ago I went to my salon and found mineral makeup (who would have thought it would look really good and stay on!!) and started using proactive. Thank GOD my skin is getting a lot better, even sweating under the constant Arizona heat. I had to cut sugar out too, but then again I also cut out wheat, gluten, and dairy also for food intolerances. It all helped clear my skin up though, everything works through the digestive system.

    Anyway, I don't know your skin problems but I hope you get something out of this!

    Good luck, hope you can find a moment to relax with your soon to be hubby.

  6. SECOND dress. God lord, three dresses? Ack. No.

    I ended up going in to buy some makeup at Sephoria and they did a free bridal consult which was amazing and low pressure (they don't get paid on comission). I bought what I liked, and practiced doing it a few times before the day of.

    I glowed, lady. It was awesome.

    And problem skin + photos calls for high definition foundation. Done and done.


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