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check boxes

Just a little hint at how behind I really am. But please allow me my small glorious check boxes, as I mark them.

  • Marriage Licence - check! - whatever happens now, we can officially get married.
  • Shoes - check. not orange, but really hot! they will help me bridge the gap between my navy dress and my man's black suit, and the fish scale heel has a pale pink tone which matches a certain element of my dress.
  • schedule pedicure - check. (not that I need one, see shoes but) my aunt scheduled a day of pedi pampering for my mom and my aunt and I a week before.
  • schedule makeup & manicure - check. I shelled out for day of makeup for two reasons - one) problem skin and two) because I can spend $300 on makeup or $150 for someone to just do it for me and save me the headache. (note: although I choke a little on that $150, it includes a consultation and dry run.)
  • hair cut & color - scheduled on the same day as the boy's cut, I figure I can "do" my own hair on the day-of, it's a bob, it's not that complicated.
  • ceremony music - check. our accordianist will be playing "la valse d'amelie" as I walk down the aisle - what will she play on the way out? to be determined, but at that point, who cares?
  • bachelorette party - check! thanks for the much needed fun ladies! (and that is all I will say about that.)
not done:
  • the dress - I have not given up. It is coming along. It is the dress that I will wear. Last night I had a design break through and I estimate no more than another six-ish hours of mostly hand-tacking. who knows, it could take less time...
  • call the dahlia dealer/florist to discuss boutennieres and corsages. (sometimes I just have total panic when it comes to certain kinds of phone calls.)
  • bud vases in which to deposit the flowers - half check. I have 24, but I'll need more.
  • menu confirmed - emailed and I left a message for the venue to call me back. and
  • schedule rehearsal - same as above.
  • buy wine - question: how many bottles of red and white wine should I buy for 100 people, excluding but with consideration for four cases of champagne and a keg? (we are opting out of the hard liquor).
  • banquet permit - for the liquor - the boy is in charge of this one. it involves going to the liquor store which shouldn't be a problem for him.
  • meet with the photographer to discuss shots, timeline, the darkness, although she is confirmed
  • music - I have largely depended on the boy for this one, and like many things, I should have pressed harder, but at least this one will be fun.
  • book hotel for wedding night
  • book transportation for wedding night
  • day of timeline - what exactly am I supposed to do here???
What am I missing?

ps. can I have a massage?


  1. Love, love, love the shoes! And I also love La Valse d'Amelie. In college, my roomies ordered the sheet music to the Amelie soundtrack for my 21st birthday -- best present ever.

    As far as the wine goes, based on my experience, for 100 guests and considering there's lots of champagne plus a keg, I would suggest 3 cases each of red and white (6 cases total), with the caveat that you'll probably have some left over. You could also ask your venue if they can suggest amounts.

  2. Be proud of your small check boxes! Every little one counts.

    Also, here's a drink calculator on evite, if that helps:

    Can't wait to see pics of your dress. No matter what, it's gonna be fab.

  3. Love the shoes and LOVE that you are having an accordionist--that's what we did for our ceremony music too! It was beautiful.

  4. That drink calculator is awesome. I think I'm on board with the 3 and 3 cases. I can't judge how much these party animals are going to drink. And my sis just informed me that a keg has 200 12 oz glasses, so that should be enough.

  5. Let me know what you find on the wine count for a hundred. I'm having a hard time with that one too. I used a couple of the drink calculators and they seemed really high. May want to check the liquor laws in your state, we can return unopened, undamaged bottles back to the liquor store here. And is one keg enough? I think we are doing one keg and buying some bottles just in case.


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