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off the hook

Sorry that I fell off the map in the last week. I have had so much drama that I couldn't even share here, so just had to take a break from it all. I am trying to keep my mind and this blog in a positive place. And I am just trying to relax (as the to-do list falls into the red) and enjoy all of the fun things about planning this wedding.
So. lets start with how gorgeous this bride is in her not-white dress:
and I just love that she had her bridesmaids wear white instead. it's such a lovely twist.


  1. Whoa love the white dresses! And hope you're doing ok.

  2. You have the perfect attitude lady. I hope things are going easier for you.

    If anyone is bugging you- totally let me know and I will take the train up to Seattle and beat them up for you. I mean, metaphorically. ;)

  3. Stay strong - and thanks for your supportive comments when I was struggling recently (via my blog). I'm in a better place now and know that you will be soon too. We can't undo crappy things that have happened, but we can move on and be happy about all the good things that come along.


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