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wear this to my wedding

or any other red dress, or white dress, or black dress, or blue or orange or pink or floral or patterned or striped or polka dotted. but gold sequins? that's out (just kidding).
discovered {here via here and here}
if you have not yet, check out accordions and lace and bride in exile and maybe shrimpton couture if you love that dress too.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who spends her days lovingly gazing at that dress. It is perfect.

  2. that dress is gorgeous! LOVE the colour!

  3. this dress is one of those *perfect* vintage dresses. I'm sure it's in beautiful condition given the pictures of it on the sellers website. But holy crap it's 400$!!
    I can't wrap my mind around that. I guess I was just spoiled with thrift stores when I was younger that I find it hard to swallow the price of super expensive vintage clothes out there these days.

  4. Not only is it $400, it's an online, vintage dress. Exactly what kind of return policy could that include? I believe the words from my man about buying vintage online were "you are NOT going to buy a vintage wedding dress online."

    So what did I go and buy? a non-returnable Jcrew dress on ebay. But if it hadn't fit (which it does) I knew I could sell it on ebay again, and I didn't pay anywhere near $400 on it.

  5. hello! I just stumbled upon this as I was searching for blog entries for me new press page (your going to be on it now - thank you xoxxo)
    I know the dress is expensive but its perfect and you have no idea how hard it is too find really great 50s dresses anymore. AND I do have a return policy - full returns taken 100% for store credit or a cash refund less small restocking fee. US standard shipping is free too! You only deal with me and I try to make it uber easy for all my gorgeous clients!
    I hope you find the dress of your dreams! But remember its YOU who is the star that day no matter what dress you wear!


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