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tearing things up

so, what do you think? do you want to see the inspiration board for the dress that I will wear? the details don't seem to be coalescing fully, because I have yet to see anything even remotely like what I am planning to do to the poor, little, JCrew bridesmaid's dress that I bought on Ebay. 
remember when I said I was disappointed in what I bought at first, because I didn't think it was special enough? and then remember when I said that I had started channeling the former me and have dress designs scampering inside my head? 

all I can think about is tearing this up! (literally.) (mine is navy, but JCrew discontinued it so I'm having trouble finding pics.)

so should I try to create the inspiration board that will become something completely mine? do you want to see it? 


  1. I want to see an inspiration board!!! I bet you could do all sorts of things with that dress...

  2. I'm wearing that dress in ivory for our reception!!!! :-)


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