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the sun came out

and I completely disappeared into my backyard. I can't even come close to keeping up with my googlereader - I have to choose between my 50 or so blogs which is just torture. I am just going to have to get employed to do this so that I have enough time. And, everytime I think about blogging, my one-track-mind is still on the dress. the dress the dress the dress the dress the dress. My head is about to explode. But if anyone has any advise on how to pleat silk organza, I could really use some. You will in fact be getting a weird inspiration board filled with dresses that may give some clue to my madness, but if it's indeciferable... you'll know why I'm losing my mind {this time}.  

And with that I will spread a bit of love that I have been holding on to for a couple of weeks.

The above pic was taken by Alicia Bock. Her photos are so lovely and amazing that I can't decide which one to buy at her etsy shop {here}.  And when I asked the lovely lady if I could share my love of her work with you, she said she'd be delighted from one blue wedding dress bride to another.  Her wedding pic below is from her blog {here}. Some days I wish I could elope. 


  1. Oh Sera, I missed you so. Don't fret about the dress. It will all work out in the end.


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