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and then, and then,

love her blog but then check out her post on the $500 challenge for the non-diy bride. how often do you feel overwhealmed by the idea of diy'ing for your own wedding? as a semi-perfectionista, I know I do. she gives you dresses, accessories and flowers with sources for a bride and three bridesmaids. for this is great inspiration for all. (and what piece did I choose to share?  the dress of course. I have a total one track mind.)

from martha's bride's guide, comes this: 

while i love the idea, I had to replace my engagement ring because it had edges just like this one and it was cutting into my surrounding fingers. and if you ever get blisters from handwashing with rings on... marked for life. the point? yes and no...


  1. awesome engagement ring! but it looks painful to wear. no liking those sharp edges. or the idea of being marked for life... though i guess that is the idea.

  2. what an interesting ring! while I love the idea, something seems a bit odd about it too...

  3. Hi again :) I decided to share some love... check out my latest post ;)

  4. I'm with you -- it's a cool idea, but it looks kind of painful! I'm a total needle wuss, but I think if I wanted to be marked for life with a ring, I'd probably just go with a tattoo that would stop hurting after a while instead of a ring with sharp edges designed to poke me on a daily basis.


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