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It's gone around and around...

and then the truth came and beat me over the head.

I had much appreciation when I first saw that posting 2000 dollar wedding from the girl who rants and rants about what she doesn't want. And then I forgot about if for the most part, plugging away and now nearly halting the planning process, because I'm stuck. Then OffBeat bride made a point that slapped me across the face. I have cast off much of the typical wedding tradition both because I find it boring, antiquated, unoriginal, impersonal, etc, and because it's expensive, impractical, and on both accounts, not me at all. I do look at a lot of things I don't like, but mainly because these things are right in front of me: all those beautiful weddings on snippet & ink are rarely what I want, but I dig for inspiration nonetheless, because at least those weddings aren't as poofy, pink or pretty pretty princess as... well everything else.

The problem is, I have picked my dress, my date, my flowers, my venue and so narrowed down food to the venue options, and begun wandering off onto the little extraneous things. I am still against favors, but now I'm seeing why they've become so popular -- they are distracting and easy. If I could just keep focusing on those stupid details, I can procrastinate thinking about the important bits, you know, the creative, meaningful, part where I marry G, the man I love.

I was just reading this post on Tea and Whimsy when she nutshelled that it was time to be creative, and it's true. It's time for the hard work to begin.


  1. I must say that you have an amazing knack for finding the most fabulous blogs. I am just going to ride on your coat tails if you don't that blog stalking?

  2. nah. I just spend too much time reading about being constructive rather than being constructive.


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