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eventually I'm going to have to think about undergarments...

Amy from with the pixie grin wrote this on Masterpiece Weddings.

Hilarious! But, now I have a lead...


  1. HA! glad you enjoyed it! it was a fun(ny) experience..hey, but you know what...i'm not even using them! i mean, i use them for certain going out outfits..but get this...i wore them to my dress fitting, and the seamstress is this little old italian lady {who used to work for channel!} and she ripped them off of me all while saying {in a thick italian accent} "these are no good. i make your bewbies better." not even kidding! {what is up with people and my bewbs?} so she's building a bra inside of the dress for me. score! might want to see your seamstress first and she what she recommends?


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