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86ing the party favors

I had already completely written off doing favors, because I couldn't think of any wedding I'd ever been to that had favors, and I thought it was a stupid and wasteful expense to add to an already skint budget. Then I talked to my sis Heather and asked her if she had them because I couldn't remember (it was like ten or eleven years ago - heath?) and she said "no, they weren't in fashion then." In fashion! The bastard WIC rides again!

And then I read this:
A Practical Wedding: Wedding Budget Wednesday: The Favor
where Meg repeats (or said it first and I just read it) that favors are an invention to get us to spend more money.

Well guests, I love you enough to invite you to my wedding, hook you up with a nice meal, some awesome homemade cheesecake, free beer and wine, and probably some dancing and fun - that is my present to you. And thank you for your future attendance. love, sera


  1. AAAAMEEEENNN! what the heck are favors even FOR? little chocolates and mints to be left behind? bubbles and almonds and total nonsense.

    what a freaking waste. here's the favor card i would like to leave my friends and family...

    dear guests,
    as a favor to you, im NOT going to spend our hard-earned money on useless crap you are going to throw away. i am not giving you anything to take home (except for a full belly and some great memories!), and I truly believe you will still have a great time at my wedding.

    this will also leave me with enough money to do FUN and RELEVANT things like go to dinner with you, have parties with you, travel to YOUR weddings and celebrations, and more.

    love, emily.


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