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the venue, the caterer

Okay. Just to keep track, here are a few to consider:

Acalia Events: for venue, catering and planning (or just catering and planning) and a good review of the catering.
Lake Union Cafe: venue, catering and planning - no outdoors, byob for a fee, tack on service... Sunday is the less expensive way to go.
Uptown Hideaway: for venue only - no outdoors (although a little dark, maybe if we have to push it into October)
Golden Gardens Bathhouse: from agrandwedding
and much too expensive because they charge for alcohol is Hotel 1000 - but maybe for the wedding night.

Herban Feast catering: catering and planning help - organic food (their venue is too big)

planner possibilities: modern seattle weddings, article from, recommendations from them, and brides on a budget